Production 1: Montage Project

I used some leftover clips from my documentary footage to create a quick 20 second montage. My montage gives a sort of run-through of the festival using clips I never used in my documentary.

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Production 1: Documentary Project

On October 7th, 2017 I drove an hour away from campus to document the Ellicottville Fall Festival to celebrate the arrival of fall and enjoy some of the festival’s many activities, vendors, and delicious food. I interviewed a couple of people at the festival to get their opinions on fall, what the festival meant to them, and their favorite fall events. Overall, it was an incredible experience, and I had a ton of fun getting some busy festival footage.

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Intermediate 3D Animation: Peer Critique

For this walk cycle animation, the arc of the hands creates a more “realistic” sense of how the human body moves as we walk and accentuates the fluidity of our shoulder, elbow, and wrist joints. One downside of this walk cycle is that the arms kind of snap rigidly as they go through the movements, which makes it seem as if the person walking is rather stiff or robot-like. Slow in and out is used in this animation to create a sense of acceleration and deceleration as the walk cycle progresses. As the legs kick out, multiple frames are created to give the impression of acceleration and less frames when the leg reaches the climax. In this walk cycle animation, it is a little hard to tell where slow in and slow out was used, as it seems like everything is going the same speed and there is little differentiation to distinguish. One example of follow through/over-lapping action in this walk cycle is the bobbing of the head and slight flick of the wrist as the animation walks. However, the bobbing of the head in this animated walk cycle seems quite random and doesn’t really “fit” along with the movements of the walk itself. Its quite sharp and only moves for a split second, rather than a more natural bobbing of the head.

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Japanese Media: Character Design







Story of choice: Momotaro the Peach Boy

Momotaro is the story of a boy born from a peach who leaves his adopted parents to go fight demons along with his friends: a dog, a bird, and a monkey.

IMG_9548 copygirldogIMG_2567 copyIMG_1050IMG_1474IMG_9548IMG_2567

My original designs had the monkey portrayed as very playful, whilst the dog & crane more laid back and reserved. The girl was supposed to be rather elegant with flowing robes and beautiful accessories. In my revised designs, the dog became more of a playful character, in addition to the monkey. My original designs were too complex and complicated for 2D animation, so for my revised designs I had to simply a lot while keeping 2D animation in mind. Between both drafts, I eliminated a lot of “difficult to animate” features like feathers, fluff, eyelashes, etc. In my revised designs I kept it very simple while still trying to tie-in aspects from my original designs. What was easy to animate in both designs was the overall outline, or shape, of the characters, but I ran into a little bit of a challenge when it came to fine details such as the crane’s feathers or the monkey’s fluffy hair near the arms and head.


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Production 1: Documentary Proposal

For my documentary I wanted to do something along the lines of how unusual weather patterns affect how early (or late) tree’s leaves change colors. Over the past few weeks, I’ve begun to notice the trees around campus have started changing color despite a week of “summer” weather, with temperatures in the mid to high eighties, and the first day of fall was only yesterday. So I wanted my documentary to capture and “document” the rapidly changing leaves, get some aesthetic fall camera shots, and maybe include some input from students around campus to see what they think.

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Production 1: Repurpose Project (Part 2)

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Production 1: Repurpose Project (Part 1)

For my repurpose video I decided to edit and put together a compilation of drone stock footage to create a unique take on a travel-esque video. I used post-production techniques such as repetition, duration, and visual language.

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