Foundations: Self-Portrait Reflection

SpDrawing my self portrait was a very tedious task for me. I haven’t drawn myself in over three years and I found it quite challenging to accurately portray myself as realistically as I could on paper. The medium I mostly used was a graphite pencil. I started with drawing the outline of my face, followed by my facial features, hair, and finally my arm. Drawing the eyes and mouth was the most challenging for me. The eyes had to be proportional and evenly spaced, and the mouth shaded so that it resembled an actual mouth and was three-dimensional. The easiest part for me to draw was the glasses, which the most fun I had while drawing my self-portrait. The hair was also challenging because I had to shade in the values of the lights and darks in my hair. In addition, my body position conveys a sense of timidness, for I am usually quite shy. Considering I hadn’t drawn myself in a while, I was pretty pleased with how it turned out. It’s not perfect and definitely has room for improvement, but overall I feel like I did a very good job. If given the chance to redo it, I definitely would. It was a fun project to do and really made me think about my choices in terms of proportion, value, and skill.

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