My Inspiration of the Month (Illustrated Journal Entry #1)

Throughout this month, I have been inspired by the artist Jaeyeol Han of South Korea. Although I just recently discovered his works, I enjoy his abstract and crude renditions of portaitures in bright, vibrant colors that express a variety of human emotions. I also quite enjoy his experiments with pen and ink; incorporating line, rhythm and movement into his pieces.


Han, Janyeol. Passerby, the Boy Without Glasses. 2013, oil on canvas.

Han Janyeol. Passerby, Penetration. 2013, oil bar on linen. (for ink images)

His oil paintings utilize shape, form, and color in each piece. His color choices range from warm, cool, analogous, or complimentary; giving it an abstract appearance. Each painting expresses different emotions, and is often taken from real life experiences and from memory. His line drawings, which he is not as famous for as his oil paintings, are experiments with line, rhythm, and movement. The different values of ink give it a fairly realistic feel, and line, rhythm and movement draw the viewer’s eyes across his pieces.

His mastery of abstract portraitures makes me want to improve my skill with drawing faces and develop “control” of my media, along with strengthening my painting and proportion skills.


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