Survey of Animation Project

My Response:

The artist I chose was Winsor McCay and I watched his Little Nemo, Gertie, The Sinking of the Lusitania, Bug Vaudeville, and How a Mosquito Operates. Most of my inspirtation for my flipbooks comes from Little Nemo, inspiring my cartoonish appearance for my characters. In addition, I was inspired by the facial expressions the characters in Little Nemo made and I attempted to incorperate that into my flipbook. For example, in Little Nemo, he would move his arms up and down and so I made my character similarly move her arms in up, down, and side to side motions. I find that frames 40-50 on my final flipbook has particularly smooth motion. I achieved this by drawing her arms slowly raising up to her face as she eats her snack, paying close attention to the arms’ positions and motions. Frames 9-13 I find have the least smooth motion because as the cat forms from a blob into a cat’s body, it’s quite rushed and doesn’t look very natural. I could make this motion smoother by adding more frames of the cat transforming so that when it is played out as a video, it looks more like a cat turning and landing on it’s feet rather than magically appearing on it’s feet. The hardest part about my character’s design was probably her arms and legs, as well as drawing a cat’s anatomy so that it looks like it is walking across the screen. I think if I had drawn the arms a little bit differently, it possibly could of been easier to animate. Also, I could of tried to correctly proportion the cat so that it looked more like a cat. I feel like frames 9-13 are defintely the most unclear because the cat awkwardly transistions from blob with a cat face to a random cat on the ground, and it is unclear how he got there. I would of liked to make it a little more smooth and illustrate the cat moving from the middle of the frame to the bottom a little better. To make my character look shocked, I made her open her mouth in awe and move her hands away from the object as it moved by itself. I could of made her more shocked by jumping backwards away from the object and made her facial expressions more “shocked” rather than simply making her mouth gape wide open. I think that my favorite part of my flipbook is at the end in roughly frames 39-50, where she eats her snack because the movements are quite smooth and flow quite nicely.

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