Foundations: Linear Day Book

img_3102-copyIn my Foundations class, I completed a Linear Day book outlining a day in my life. Using the principals and elements of design, I feel that the lines I used in my book enhance the story of my day because they are all connected, therefore linking the images together. There is a seemingly consistent look to my images, as I used the same media choice throughout my artwork and attempted to balance out my use of weighted lines. However, the first few images have a “busy” look to it and winds down towards the end, making it seem less consistent in my eyes. I also feel like some of the lines could have been a little more thicker or darker to add contrast to my art, which I probably hinders my final product. Craftsmanship-wise, I used the wrong side of the paper so I downsized from six images to four. I also have lines from one image connect into the next image, and linked my day together by doing so. I feel like my covers could have been more planned out, as I kind of rushed it and was more focused on trying to finish my final pages and glue my book together. The dots in the letters on my covers are sort of vibrant and distract you from the images when you unfold the whole book. I could of added gradients to really tie it together. I feel like my final work was somewhat creative and I put a lot of thought into what I do in my everyday life, and how to depict that. I feel that if I had a chance I would redo my covers before submitting, but I will submit it as is today.

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