Visual Communications: Projects 1-4


Illustrated Name w/ Metaphor


Spatial Translations and Planes




Bezier Curves

Illustrated Name: 

Points and lines can be found anywhere in our everyday lives, and are a crucial factor in terms of design. Points mark positions in space. They can be insignificant or packed with power, such as a flower’s strategic placement. Lines can exist in many weights, just like how sticks can be thick and thin. Together, they can create a harmony of various different types of lines and give the piece depth.

Spatial Translations & Planes: 

Using the pictures on the previous page as inspirtation, I was able to create abstract representations that exemplify spatial translations and planes. Using multiple shapes and textures, each artwork has several different orientations and vantage points. Lines come together, such as buildings or windows, and is creating depth.


Using one, two, and three-point perspective I was able to create a three-dimensional landscape. Each object exists in the same space, but has different vantage points, heights, and widths. The buildings, horizon, and road emphasize the use of lines and give it perspective. By utelizing background, midground, and foreground I was able to give something two-dimensional depth.

Bezier Curves: 

Bezier Curves are lines defined by a set of anchors and control points. Throughout my artwork, I incorporated the use of Bezier Curves. The doors, bullet-like form of the train, and sun rays are examples of this. The use of minimalism, characterized by a simplistic lack of form and expression, draws attention to the train. In addition, the usuage of perspective gave the artwork depth and emphasized the elements of line and shape.

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