Foundations: Illuminated Name Update 2

Illuminated Name.jpg

In my foundations class, I have been working on finishing up my illuminated name project. I redesigned the style of my initials, since it wasn’t quite working out visual-wise and was rather un-natural looking. I attempted to make the initials more smooth and less sharp-edged, as it was too geometric in shape. I added in a curly border using the paintbrush tool in Illustrator, as well as using one of my watercolor swatches to be the background. The swatch really gives the artwork texture and a slightly “ombre” look to it. The D initial is a bit plain looking, but I plan to print my artwork out onto watercolor paper and hand-paint some parts. In addition, I added in a photo of a flower bush, since I am a fan of nature. After editing a bit in Photoshop, I played with layer masks and filters to make the background “pop” a bit more and give my piece some color. Overall, I am pretty happy with the outcome of this project and it was a lot of fun to do.

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