Foundations: Illuminated Name Final



For this project, a lot of planning before hand was needed to achieve the final result. To start, I had to actually design the letters for my artwork, as well as a border, and how I was going to incorporate both aspects into my piece. Initially, the designs for my letters were too different, as one was more geometrically shaped and the other more organic. I had to redesign my initials so that they both looked more unified and then rework in the smaller designs I previously used to create a new, more appealing set of letters. After scanning my drawing into my computer, I was then able to create an Illustrator document and start adding more digital elements into my piece by developing a sort of mix-media project; in terms of it being both hand-drawn and manipulated on the computer. Using swatches of watercolor, I was able to bring in a unique background layout by combining the usage of both photography and digital media to create my initials. One completely finished on the computer, I printed my artwork onto paper that allowed me to watercolor in and sharpie parts of my initials. As an artist, I believe that I have improved quite a bit since the beginning of the year in terms of finding my own “style” and strive to improve even more as the semester progresses.

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