Gallery Visit Write-Up


On September 28th, I took a visit to the Cohen Gallery located in Alfred, New York. Of the artists to be showcased in the gallery, I had the pleasure of viewing some of Mario Prisco’s water color painting and gesture drawing series.

Once a Dean of the School of Art and Design at Alfred University, his artwork has a unique sense of style in terms of lines and color. Prisco’s gesture drawings of the human body were quite a marvel to see, and clearly showed his strength as an artist throughout the years as he gradually perfected the human body’s form.

Observing the human body in real life, he was able to put onto paper the curves, lines, and shapes that come together to create what makes us human. Softness and warmth, brought to life with rounded shapes and smooth edges. His water color paintings on the other hand, were bright, vibrant, and fun to look at in general. Crisp clear lines emphasized by warm reds and oranges, as well as deep purples and blues. The scenes depicted utilized rhythm and movement with the use of curved lines and repeated shapes in each artwork. Complementary colors were also present in his work, using blues, oranges, purples, and yellows to create contrast.

In conclusion, Mario Prisco’s artwork was beautifully done and strongly emphasized the elements and principals of design. Using line, shape, color, and much more he was able to create a strong composition with his water color paintings. In addition, his gesture drawings really captured the essence of the human body and his ability to recreate things from real life into works of art is absolutely stunning.

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