Digital Foundations 1: Non-Sequential Form Project


In my Digital Foundations 1 class, we had to construct a non-sequential form using a compilation of different images of animals in addition to a background. Using layer masks and different Photoshop effects I was able to create an animal species unknown to man. Layer masks were used to blend together the different animal parts to seamlessly make the images come together as one and look like a genuine photograph of the animal. Drop shadows were applied to the chipmunk climbing the tree, as well as the squirrel, to make it seem as if both animals were actually a part of the image and gives the image depth. Another effect I used was hue/saturation balance to even out the animals’ colors and make it look less like the images were simply placed on top of another image. Lastly, I flattened all the layers and applied a filter to really bring the image together as a whole. Overall, the image has an interesting composition and the animal itself looks quite intriguing.

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