Illustrated Journal Entry

In art, sometimes it can be a little scary to take risks and step outside of one’s comfort zone. Initially, going forward is extremely nerve-racking and fearful, but the end result could be worth all the anxiety. In the article, “Walk Through Walls” by Maria Popova, the author writes about artist Marina Abramovic and her ascent into the art world despite a rough upbringing. Originally shy and awkward as a child, art helped her open up to the world. Abramovic states, “Some big part of me is thrilled by the unknown, by the idea of taking risks. When it comes to doing risky things, I don’t care. I just go for it.” In art, taking risks is essential to finding one’s self-confidence while simultaneously opening up to new horizons in the world of art. Determination and belief in oneself can make all the difference in an artwork, even if the unknown can be a little nerve-racking. Abramovic states, “When it came to art, I only cared about content: what a work meant… I had come to believe that art must be disturbing, art must ask questions, art must predict the future. If art is just political, it becomes like newspaper. It can be used once, and the next day it’s yesterday’s news. Only layers of meaning can give long life to art.” Without meaning, art is simply inconsequential. Meaning gives art purpose, and that is what drives us to challenge ourselves and take risks.

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