Visual Impact Club: Darkroom Photography


In early October, I joined the Visual Impact Club and even became an officer of the club. The primary focus of the club is darkroom photography, but it also covers screen printing and other digital media/animation program-related work. Using a Pentax camera I loaned from a faculty member, I was able to take some pictures and develop the film in the college’s darkroom. I had always been fascinated by darkroom photography and even took a beginner class in high school, and joining the Visual Impact Club gave me the chance to get back into it. By developing the film using developer, stop-bath, and fixer I was able to produce a high-contrast photograph of the clocktower here on campus. Utilizing test-strips before making my final print helped me determine how many seconds to expose my light-sensitive paper, so that when it developed it wouldn’t be under or over-exposed. Overall, the darkroom photography process is an incredible way to experience a style of photography other than digital.

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