Foundations: Chair Project


In my foundations class, we had to construct a drawing of a chair using atmospheric perspective. Proportion, value, and space were major factors in my design process. Instead of drawing the whole chair, I focused on one spot of the chair and made sure that every part of the chair was proportionally correct. Next, I penciled in the outline of the stripes, warping them in specific areas and following the curves of the fabric’s folds. For shading, I played with value to show places where light hit the fabric. Giving the stripes a textured look gives the artwork an almost realistic appearance and depth within the given space. If I was to change anything, I would definitely go back and put more emphasis on the smaller, unfinished-like  lines in the fabric’s folds. Also, the curved edge of the fabric came out much darker and takes the attention away from the shading and texture in the stripes.  To fix that, I would go back and attempt to make it lighter so that the artwork as a whole is more unified.

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