Visual Communications: Formstorming

FS Peaches.jpg

Formstorming, an act of visual thinking, is a way artists can brainstorm and find ways to further emphasize their ideas. I chose to research peaches, one of my favorite fruits, and arrange my findings in a creative process. Using references on the different uses, colors, and origins of peaches I designed a visual representation of my thought process while researching the fruit. Elements of design such as shape, form, and especially color played an important role in my artwork. Using different colors from Illustrator’s swatch pre-sets, I constructed my own color scheme that reminded of me of peaches. In addition, by using different shades and tints I was able to create the effect of light shining on the drink’s glass. In terms of shape and form, the blush and champagne glass exemplify organic shapes, just like in peaches, and the stark white background provides negative space.

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