Digital Foundations II: Logo Design Exercise


Final Version

In my Digital Foundations II class, we had to identify a logo that could use improvement and use the design process to redesign it. Starting off by researching different logos to recreate, I decided to choose Netflix as my logo. Using their logo as a reference, I sketched up some ideas to redesign their signature font and incorporate aspects of their identity style in my design. My original design was just a simple font and film reel icon, but upon further review, I was told the design was too plain and needed more thought behind the placement of the text. After a few revisions, I was able to come up with my final version of my redesigned logo and create an almost “business card” like appearance. By changing up the font, sticking with three colors, and taking composition into mind I improved the logo to create a new, improved version.


Second Final Version

After having our class critique my logo design, I decided to reincorporate my company’s “cinematic” typography effect instead of scrapping it completely like in my previous design. Going back, I had to rethink and figure out how I was going to recreate the famous font and make it stronger. Unlike the original logo, with its angular edges, I added smoother, curved lines to soften up my design’s appearance. And in correspondence with Netflix’s feature of allowing viewers to rate the movies they watch, I added in stars to emphasize the cinematic appeal the company was aiming for. While still keeping a small color palette, the simplicity of the design is not overbearing and aesthetically pleasing.

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