Illustrated Journal: Who is my hero?

My hero would definitely have to be my father. Throughout my life, my father has always been an important role model to me and I cherish his advice on how to navigate the world, especially now that I’m in college and on my way into adulthood. When I was younger, my father always made sure that we did well in school, and was very protective of me and my sister. Back then, I remember thinking how strict he was, and that he was out to ruin my life. I didn’t have my first sleepover until I was fifteen, and I even didn’t get my first phone until the end of my sophomore year in high school. As a young teen, I was devastated that I couldn’t have as many freedoms as some of my friends, but my father insisted that education was our main focus, so that in the future me and sister could find a job and live a comfortable life. Now that I’m almost an adult, I’ve really come to realize how much of an influence my father really was on me, and because I had a more strict upbringing, today I am very career-orientated, and always try my hardest whether it be in school or sports. Without my father, I would not be where I am today, and I am thankful that he supported my dream of becoming an animator and be able to do what I love; art.

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