3D Design & Color: Origami Marionette


Structure and flow are related in my marionette by the stringing of my puppet to the handle, which allows an almost “running-like” or galloping movement for my horse marionette. My marionette has some “fantasy” aspects to it, and generates ideas such as the fluidity and freedom of the horse and it’s movements, which I tried to incorporate into my marionette the best I could. The size of my marionette in relationship with it’s linear sequencing in terms of the illusion of form creates a loose representation of a horse’s basic shape. As for color, I tried to stick to earthy colors and repetition of similar origami paper patterns to solidify unity within my marionette. The creative process behind my origami marionette started with drawing and planning out the modular design/shapes I needed to make my marionette, and how I should string each origami shape to accomplish a horse’s basic form. One difference my marionette has is that it doesn’t capture the “realistic” attributes of a horse, and is more of a compilation modular shapes that come together to recreate the movement and fluidity of a horse; which gives it more of an abstract feel. Shape and form are two elements of design primarily utilized in the creation of my marionette. Individual modular cube shapes are strung together to make a three-dimensional form that can move freely, imitate a horse’s movements, and it’s general form. Modular design has strengthened my marionette simplifying it’s overall structure and it’s ability to create a more simplified form, rather than be overly realistic. A principle of design that my marionette strongly emphasizes is unity by using similar modular cube shapes. Another principle my marionette utilizes is balance. Asymmetrical balance is found in my marionette, for one side can be perceived as visually “heavier” in terms of the amount of modular cubes.


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