Digital Foundations II: Logo Project


In my Digital Foundations II class, we were assigned a logo from local businesses to improve and redesign. I was assigned a local bar and grill’s logo to redesign for my project. As part of the design process, we had to come up with multiple sketches for our improved logo. I had to think about whether a combination logo or word mark would work better with my designs, while playing around with an “irish theme”.ppl

Going further with the design process for my logo project, I digitally created some of my sketches and turned them into possible logo redesign ideas for my chosen company. For my logo, I wanted to incorporate the claddagh ring into my design because of it’s intricate history with the Irish. Claddagh rings were typically worn as a symbol of love and loyalty. I wanted to link the claddagh’s meaning with my company’s redesigned logo, as a way to connect with customers and create a sense of “family”. In terms of color scheme, I used colors found in the Irish flag to tie into logo

To improve upon my stronger design of the claddagh heart, I increased the amount of spacing between the heart and trinity knots of my design. Originally, when scaled down, the spacing became increasingly smaller and looked rather squished together. I had placed text with the name of my company along with my design, but after receiving feedback from classmates I decided to go back and play around with the placement of the text so that it flowed better with my design, rather than just looking pasted there as an afterthought.logoprojectf

For my final iteration of my logo design, I played around with the placement of my text and how it worked together with my claddagh design. Thinking about font, size, and color in relationship with my logo helped me determine where I should work my text into my design.

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