Figure & Motion: Am I an Artist?

In class today we were posed the question: “Are you an artist?” Do you strive to be an artist? Are you an artist right now? Today? Tomorrow? As I thought to myself, I realized I couldn’t exactly answer that question. Yes it is true I strive to be an artist, otherwise I wouldn’t be going to college for art. But am I an artist right now? I honestly don’t believe I am. In my opinion I feel that I am too lacking in skill to straightforwardly associate myself as an artist. When it comes to my art, I always find myself comparing my work to other people’s work and it leaves me doubtful of myself. I’ll want to practice drawing, but the thought of not being good enough will eat me alive and I’ll end up just avoiding it. It’s because of these feelings I believe I cannot call myself an artist whether it be today, tomorrow, or years from now. How can someone be an artist if they aren’t even confident in their work, or even themselves? Confidence is something I’ve struggled with for most of my life, and it reflects in my personality, as well as my artwork. I believe that in order to find assurance in myself is to start with my artwork. So you’re lacking skill? Practice more. I want to practice drawing more and really start understanding how the human body works in terms of figure and motion. Maybe if I do more gesture drawings, or sit down for a few hours and just draw people around me, I can make a small difference in the way I think about myself and my art.

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