Figure & Motion: Creation Myth Research/Sketches

The inspiration for my creation myth comic comes from the Dangun Wanggeom creation myth originating from the country of Korea.

Dangun Wanggeom Myth

Hwanung (supreme divine regent) is the son of Hwanin (lord of heaven). One day he asks his father if he would be allowed to descend to Earth and live there instead of heaven. Hwanin consents and gives his son three seals of authority, in addition to selecting Mt. Taebaek (near Pyongyang) as the best place for his son to live. With Hwanung came 3,000 followers including the Earls of Wind and Rain, as well as the Master of the Clouds. There, he built a town called Asadal on the slopes beneath a sandalwood tree, henceforth giving him the nickname “Sandalwood Prince”. From the mountain, the god dispensed to his followers quintessential elements of life such as culture, agriculture, good and evil, punishments, illness, and lifespans. One day, a tiger and a bear approached Hwanung asking to be transformed into humans. The god agreed to their wish, but on one condition that they remain out of the sun for 100 days and eat only a sacred bunch of mugworts and 20 cloves of garlic. The animals agreed and followed his advice, but unable to keep up with the god’s conditions the tiger left and the bear, Ungnyo, remained. After only 21 days, the female bear was transformed into a woman. She longed for a child, so shortly after her transformation she married Hwanung and gave birth to a son; Dangun Wanggeom. Born on the third day of the tenth month, or October 3, modern day Korea celebrates this day as National Foundation Day. Dangun ruled Asadal for 1,ooo years, naming the kingdom Joseon, before deciding to become a spirit and live in contemplation at the Heavenly Lake on Mt. Paektu at the age of 1,098.


Portrait of Dangun

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Artist Research: 

Kim Hong Do, 18th Century


Tiger Under the Pine Tree 

Il Lee-Born in Seoul, Korea in 1952, He lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.



Two of his ballpoint pen ink drawings

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