Figure & Motion: Reflection Drawing


In my Figure & Motion class we had to draw our reflection, as well as the reflections of the things in the environment around us. I chose to do my drawing in front of a window in one of the student lounges in my school’s engineering building, where all my art classes are. In order to clearly see my reflection, I had to wait until it was fairly dark out so that I could make out certain features of my reflection without it being too light or too dark enough to see. Since it was so late out when I was drawing, there was nobody around to capture their motion, as well as their figure, when they walked past the window in front of me. All I could really draw was the reflections casted from the lights above me onto the window, as well as the reflections of the painting’s frames on the walls. The value of all my lines are pretty much the same, so I would probably go back and add some more depth with my value by making certain areas darker or lighter. The reflections of the frames seem to blend in with the tree, so I would definitely go back and maybe add some shading to it, so that it would stand out more against the tree instead of disappearing almost into the background. I feel like I should have shaded some areas within my drawing so that it doesn’t look so “empty” and look more three-dimensional. One good thing about my drawing is the ruggedness of the lines in my tree, which gives it an almost “tree-like” texture.

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