Figure & Motion: Skeleton Drawing

Skeleton Image

For this assignment, I chose to draw a horse’s skull for my skeleton drawing. Horses are one of my favorite animals, so I thought it’d be cool to draw a part of it’s skeleton. In my drawing I tried to incorporate different line weights and values. For the outline of my drawing, lines are darker and slightly thicker than the lighter, faint lines that represent the cracks in the skull. Shape also played a huge factor in creating the overall appearance of the horse’s skull, as I had to pay attention to the shapes and forms that create the skull itself while remaining proportional. Shading posed a challenge for me, especially around the teeth and back of the skull near the eye socket, as well as the bottom of the jaw. If I was to change anything about my drawing, I’d probably go back and change how I approached the shading. In Photoshop, I edited the values so that my shading would show up better and emphasize the skull’s cracks better after scanning it digitally.

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