Digital Foundations II: Audio/Sound Project

For my countdown, I recorded the sound of pen clicks to keep a steady rhythm while my countdown commenced. Playing with the volume and the ambience, I made it so the audio clip was a little more clean sounding and matches the numbers onscreen as they come and go.

To match my logo’s motion graphic, I decided to use the sound of a soda can being opened, poured, and then fizzing to audibly represent the action. The logo appearing, coming together, and then disappearing could represent the cup being filled, and then the foam from the soda fizzing away.

For my texture video, I played with the volume of the clip’s original audio so that the sound of the wind, people talking faintly in the background, and my footsteps could be heard a little better. In addition, I added an audio clip of birds in morning so that video sounded more like an early, sunny morning and give a sense of calm to the viewers.

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