Figure & Motion: Comic Project

Comic Pencil.jpg

Pencil Sketch

Inked Comic

Digitally Outlined


Digitally Colored

For my creation comic, I chose to illustrate the story Dangun Wanggeom. Using elements and principles of design, I was able to give the characters in my story their own world within my comic. For instance, line was an important part in the creation of my character’s clothes and it’s folds. Using different line weights, I distinguished differences between the foreground and background in each panel, emphasized speech boxes, and gave definition to the characters and objects of my comic. Color was another important factor in the design process of my comic. The colors of my characters’ hanboks played in hand with their social status. For Hwanung, I chose to use greens to represent his fascination with the planet Earth, and pinks to show his godly appearance. For Ungnyeo, I chose purples and golds to go in hand with royalty, since she becomes Hwanung’s wife. Using Illustrator, I used the mesh tool to give my characters more depth and appear almost three-dimensional, rather than using plain, flat colors. By scanning in my pencil sketch, and using Illustrator, I was able to create smoother curves in my comic, as well as straight lines for the speech and bounding boxes.

Creation Myth citation: 

Cartwright, Mark. “Dangun.” Ancient History Encyclopedia., 20 Oct. 2016. Web. 25 Mar. 2017.

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