3D Design & Color: Marionette Project

Photo 1

Marionette (still)

Photo 2

(In motion)

In my 3D Design & Color class, I created a marionette out of wood and clay that can move it’s arms, hands, and legs. Based off a character I created in another class, I carved wood pieces to form the limbs of the human body and clay to create the marionette’s head, as well as the hands and feet. I hand-sewed fabric to make the shirt and skirt for my marionette. Using elements and principles of design, the creative process behind my marionette started with drawing and planning out the proportion and size needed to make my marionette, and how I should string it together. Shape and form are two elements of design that heavily influenced the creation of my marionette. Carving and sanding wood to create human body shapes I attempted to recreate the human body’s form and shape, all while attempting a more feminine appearance. A principle of design that my marionette strongly emphasizes is movement. Flexibility of the joints allows for more freedom of movement. As a result of this my marionette can flick her wrists, move her arms up and down, and bend down.


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