Digital Foundations II: Gallery Write-Up


On May 6th, 2017 I visited Alfred University’s BFA Thesis Exhibition. Out of the many different artworks scattered around Harder Hall a few IEA, or integrated electronic art, pieces stood out to me. One piece in particular was an interactive artwork that involved using your sense of hearing and vision to immerse yourself into the artwork and become a part of this virtual reality world through the use of headphones and a pair of glasses attached to the wall. Similar to the pictures on the wall, by looking through the eyeglasses and listening to the sounds coming out of the headphones you are transported to another place in time as if you are actually there.

In terms of principles and elements of design, the visual scenes or landscapes that unfolded before your eyes utilized bright, vibrant colors that contrasted with darker, cool colors and gave each scene it’s own special feeling or emotion. I felt that this piece was similar in a way to the Max7 projects we are currently using in class in the way that you have to physically interact with the artwork to really experience it and it’s definitely something you’d see in a museum somewhere. Overall, my time at the BFA exhibition was very eye-opening and I was exposed to many different styles, types, and kinds of art I had yet seen before.

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