Intro to 3D Animation: Character Project

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 3.36.25 PM.png

In my Intro to 3D animation class, we had to create a character by modeling, texturing, and rendering it in Maya. Based off a character I designed in another class, my 3D character is a Korean kisaeng, which is similar to a Japanese geisha. Starting off by modeling the head, I used front and side views to achieve the correct proportions and form of the human head. Next, I modeled the torso, arms, and hands following the same procedure I used when creating the head. By manipulating vertices, I was able to give my 3D character a more “realistic” appearance. After I modeled the torso, arms, and hands I moved onto creating the skirt. Once I finished modeling, I moved onto UV mapping where I had to unwrap my UV maps, so that texturing my 3D character would be faster, and much quicker. Using Arnold render, I played around with different lighting levels and tried my best to reduce as much noise in my rendered character as I could.



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