Intermediate 3D Animation: Self Critique


Throughout the semester, I felt like I’ve had many ups and downs in the execution of 3D animation & many its principles. Towards the beginning of the year, my familiarity with Maya and 3D animation itself was very poor. My ball animation was probably one of my worst projects, as it was extremely choppy and just unnatural looking. My walk cycle did apply some animation principles such as ease in/out and arc, but could use some work in terms of how the body moves and how it’s interpreted into animation. My pace animation was a little better and did utilize principles like follow through and anticipation, but was still rather weak in execution and could have been done better. With my push animation, I did my best to recreate how the body appears as if trying to move a heavy object, such as a wall, but I feel that the animation sort of cuts off slightly. I did do a good job matching up the body’s angle as it’s pushing the object, but that too could have been a little better as well.

In terms of growth, I feel like I have definitely improved since the very beginning of the semester, but I still have a lot more improving to do. I think if I keep using Maya and creating animations in my free time, my skills in 3D animation could definitely get better. I struggle with making my animations look realistic and not so unnatural looking, and by practicing more on my own and not just in class, I think that would very well put me on the right path for improvement.

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Japanese Media: Popular Media Project

Japanese Manga.jpg

For my project I decided to research the Imperial Palace East Gardens in the Tokyo Metropolitian area in Japan. I chose this location for the inspiration behind my project because originally, I was drawn to the garden’s wide variety of flowers that bloom every year for tourists and visitors to see, but I discovered later on that the Imperial Palace East Gardens is a seven minute walking distance from the hotel we’ll be staying at on my study abroad to Japan this winter. After doing research on what flowers grow in the gardens and its rich history, the Tokyo Imperial Palace Gardens is definitely a place I will have to check out when I’m there. I incorporated the gardens into my piece by including an abstracted map, popular flowers that grow there, historic statues and monuments, as well as some landscape scenery.


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Production I: Video Production Final Project Proposal

For my topic I wanted to choose cinematography-type shots to highlight and bring to life the insignificant moments in our daily lives we often don’t think about, as well as how much they actually mean to us.

In terms of what kind of video shots I want my project to be composed of, I was thinking about creating a compilation of several 2-3 second long video clips from my daily life leading up to the end of the semester and having a narration explaining how sometimes we take the little things for granted in life. In addition, background music would be lightly playing. In terms of editing, I want to play with speed/duration of some clips, color correction, and the overall “theme” the video creates itself.


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Production 1: Video Art Project

My attempt at recreating an ASMR sound preview.

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Production 1: Video Art Project Proposal

For my video art project, I wanted to draw inspiration from the topic known as ASMR, or the autonomous sensory meridian response. The autonomous sensory meridian response is caused by endorphins in the brain which causes a tingling sensation and slight euphoria when exposed to certain sounds and visual cues. ASMR can also create a sort of relaxing sensation triggered by oxytocin.

In my video art project I want to create a “preview” of several different sounds I will record using a microphone, in addition to a visual recording myself making the sounds. Some things I had in mind in terms of audio and sounds was whispered talking, tapping, scratching, brushing, slime, wind blowing, hand sounds, and much more.

In terms of aesthetic, I want my video art project to retain some qualities that ASMR videos have. Sounds are the primary focus of ASMR videos, and there isn’t much background noise or distractions so that the only thing you are hearing/focusing on is the sound being made. In terms of talking, voices are never more than a faint whisper so that the autonomous sensory meridian response can be triggered. I want my video to have the viewer experience this body response, and create a sense of relaxation, or peacefulness within the viewer themselves.

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Production 1: Montage Project

I used some leftover clips from my documentary footage to create a quick 20 second montage. My montage gives a sort of run-through of the festival using clips I never used in my documentary.

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Production 1: Documentary Project

On October 7th, 2017 I drove an hour away from campus to document the Ellicottville Fall Festival to celebrate the arrival of fall and enjoy some of the festival’s many activities, vendors, and delicious food. I interviewed a couple of people at the festival to get their opinions on fall, what the festival meant to them, and their favorite fall events. Overall, it was an incredible experience, and I had a ton of fun getting some busy festival footage.

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